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She acts like Summer
and walks like Rain.

( About the artist )

Valentina Vau has discovered her Passion for Art already at a very young Age. Since then she aims to make the World around her a more beautiful Place. After finishing her Masters in Gender Studies, she started to work in various Creative Studios and Design Agencies as a Designer, Illustrator and Art Director. Always being driven by the Desire of Self-Development, she decided to focus more on her Freelancing Career by founding Maison Vau, a small Studio based in Palma de Mallorca, all about digital and analogue Design Concepts as well as hand crafted contemporary Art Objects.

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Aire Spanish Sahara / EUR 1.750
Amongst the Waves Spanish Sahara / EUR 3.780
Ava Volkan / EUR 450
Freyja Summertime Sadness / EUR 450
Galerie Joie No. 01 Galerie Joie / EUR 250
Galerie Joie No. 02 Galerie Joie / EUR 250
Galerie Joie No. 03 Galerie Joie / EUR 250
Galerie Noire No. 01 Galerie Noire / EUR 250
Galerie Noire No. 02 Galerie Noire / EUR 250
Galerie Noire No. 03 Galerie Noire / EUR 250
June You’d Better Call it Hedonism / EUR 250
Nero Volkan / EUR 180
Nuria Summertime Sadness / EUR 610
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